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The four basic combinations of age and service to retire on an immediate annuity under FERS:

  • *MRA + 10 yrs Eligible on ...
  • MRA + 30 yrs Eligible on ...
  • 60 with 20 yrs Eligible on ...
  • 62 with 5 yrs Eligible on ...
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All dates are approximations only based on the age and years of service combinations you provide above and individual circumstances may vary - check with your personnel office for exact details.

*Note on MRA+10: This carries a 5 percent per year reduction for being under full retirement age depending on the retiree's years of service: age 62 with fewer than 20 years of service, 60 with at least 20. Also MRA+10 retirees have the option of postponing the beginning of their annuity to a later date to reduce or eliminate the age penalty.

Also keep in mind that early retirement under the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority has different age and service requirements. Deferred retirement has special considerations as well, although it has the same standard age and service requirements listed above (it applies to those who leave government before being old enough to retire and later claim the benefit when they are the right age).