FEGLI Coverage Changes

If you waived all insurance or did not elect any Optional insurance when you were first hired, or you simply want different coverage than you have now, you have three opportunities to make FEGLI coverage changes: an open enrollment, a physical exam, or a life event.

Open Enrollment

An open enrollment is relatively rare. Normally these are linked to some change in the program, such as the addition of a benefit or a change in premium costs. This occurred after some rates were changed effective in calendar year 2016, with an open season for active employees (but not retirees) in September 2016.


Physical Exam

As long as at least one year has passed since the effective date of your last waiver of life insurance coverage, you may get a physical exam at your own expense using the Request for Life Insurance (SF 2822). You and your agency must complete part of the form. Then you take the form to your physician or other medical professional. He or she will examine you, complete the rest of the form, and send the form to the Office of Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (OFEGLI).

If OFEGLI approves your request, your human resources office will automatically enroll you in Basic insurance, unless you already have Basic. You will have an opportunity to elect Option A and/or elect Option B or increase your Option B multiples (up to a total of 5) by completing a Life Insurance Election (SF 2817) and submitting it to your human resources office. You cannot elect Option C or increase your Option C multiples by getting a physical exam—although you can get Option C based on a life event.

Your enrollment in Basic will be effective on the first day you are at work (not on leave) on or after the date OFEGLI approves your request. Your enrollment in Option A and/or Option B will be effective on the first day you are at work (not on leave) on or after the date OFEGLI approves your request and your human resources office receives your Life Insurance Election (SF 2817) electing such coverage.

Life Event

You may elect or increase FEGLI coverage up to the maximums based on a life event such as marriage or the birth of a child. See www.opm.gov/healthcare-insurance/life-events for information on the applicable events and the choices that may be made due to them. You must complete a Life Insurance Election (SF 2817) and submit it to your human resources office.


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