How to determine number of years of CSRS Offset service


For purposes of analysing the CSRS Offset and the WEP, is a “year” a consecutive 12 month period? The reason I ask is because I worked under CSRS Offset for a few months at the end of CY2003 (November and December), and I will most likely retire on 2/01/19. So, is that 17 years? 16 years? 15 years and a few months? Round up? Thanks for clarifying!

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Asked on August 29, 2018 5:49 pm
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Chapter 50 CSRS FERS Handbook, page 27, states: Partial years of offset service are rounded to the nearest whole number, with one half being rounded to the next higher number.
With respect to WEP. It is based on the amount of earnings you had for each year of service. For example, in the year 2003, you needed to make $16,125 for that year to count as a “substantial year of earnings.” If you did not make that much in those two months, it does not count. Please refer to the WEP Factsheet at

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Answered on August 29, 2018 9:35 pm

So my time in CSRS Offset (November 2003 to February 2019) is 15 years, 3 months. Which will round down to 15 years for my offset service.

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My non-government earnings (Jan 2003 to Oct 2003) plus my government earnings (Nov – Dec 2003) was $30,716. So for WEP, the year 2003 will count as a “substantial year of earnings.” Thank you Elaine.

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