Calculation start from date of Employment or Marriage?


My question is for my FERS retirement which the COAP states: Spouse will receive Twenty-five percent (25%) of the FERS gross monthly annuity earned by the Retiree during the marriage. Although married (91-03) approximately 12 years = 144 months however; I was not employed by Civil Service until later half way through the marriage in 1999. Will calculation be from start of service date?

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Asked on December 29, 2017 7:46 pm
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Please see my previous response on this topic: It should answer your question completely.

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Answered on December 29, 2017 10:04 pm

Ok, but in reviewing the post(s) doesn’t specifically answer my question regarding 60 months vs 144 months i.e. started service in 1999 not in 1991. I would think that OPM will arrive at 60 months as the COAP states “25% of FERS gross monthly annuity earned by the retiree during the marriage. The marriage began on MM/DD/1991 and terminated on MM/DD/2003”
That being said I guess I could calculate both low and high to show the difference. She already get 25% of my Military pension reason for the 25%.
60/342=17.54% @25%=4.38% marital share $2120×4.38% = $92.85
144/342=42.10% @25%=10.52% marital share $2120×10.52% = $223.02

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