Can I do a second military buy back upon return to federal service?


When I retired from federal service (FERS) I was informed I had not completed a military buy back for a period of active duty (I had two) and thus, was not credited for this active duty period. If I were fortunate enough to be rehired as a federal employee, would I be eligible to complete a military buy back?

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Asked on January 14, 2019 8:45 pm

Thanks for the answer. This helps greatly.

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In order to be eligible to make the deposit “Reemployed annuitants: Your civil service annuity amount will not be increased by payment of a military deposit if you have less than 5 years of service as a reemployed annuitant. If you have the equivalent of 5 or more years of service as a reemployed annuitant and you are otherwise eligible for retirement, you may ask OPM to recompute your civil service benefit. If you choose this option, you must make a deposit for all reemployment service that was not covered by retirement deductions. The information contained in this form regarding military deposits applies to recomputed (redetermined) civil service annuities.”

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Answered on January 14, 2019 9:27 pm