Discontinued Service Retirement & fit test fails

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My husband is 57 1/2, title 32 dual status ART, 20+ years mil service & 15 years civil service, under FERS. He wants to know: If he failed 4 consecutive fit tests (he has back issues) and submits retirement paperwork immediately, does OPM view that as a legitimate retirement, or as removal/kicked out? – After 3 fails, if he retires MRA +10, it would reduce his benefit. Help! Thanks!

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Asked on January 28, 2020 2:23 pm


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Depending on your husband’s total creditable service for FERS purposes, he could file for disability retirement as a reserve technician which means he files for OPM approved disability, which is subsequently not approved and then files for a reserve disability. This means he would not need to apply under MRA+10 option. If he has sufficient service to be non-retained, it would qualify as a Discontinued Service retirement. Without having access to his records, he needs to seek advice from his HRO to know which application to file.

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Answered on January 28, 2020 3:19 pm