FERS- 20yrs active duty, 14 yrs GS


FERS – 20yrs active duty, 14 yrs GS. I am 59 and going to be 60 in April 2019: I am confused on where I stand if wanting to retire in April 2019.

Will I be able to retire, and would I get a payout for both leave and sick leave?

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Asked on December 26, 2018 5:02 pm

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Scott, I am not sure I understand your situation. When you say 20 years active duty, do you mean military service and you are collecting retired military pay? If yes, then for you FERS retirement you could collect a pension in April 2019, at age 60, however if would be age penalized because you would have less than 20 years of creditable service for FERS. The penalty would be 5% for every year you are under the age of 62. Your sick leave would add to your creditable service for computation purposes and your annual leave would be cashed out to you. And if you wish to avoid the age penalty you could either work until age 62 or postpone your retirement until age 62 and leave in April 2019.

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Answered on December 26, 2018 6:47 pm