How to handle a reprimand letter?

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I received a letter of reprimand recently and news of an interview at another agency. I know the hiring manager and she’s well-aware of my current toxic work environment. I have years of excellent to highly-successful appraisals and I’m wondering if anyone out there has dealt with a similar situation. Do you disclose or just move ahead if you were to be hired? Advice welcomed. Thanks

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Asked on July 1, 2020 1:50 pm
A letter of reprimand is a temporary document and it can be removed from your Official Personnel File (OPF) after 1 year. And it is for conduct not performance. If you are asked about it, you should not lie. But i would not bring it up, either. You don't have an offer yet--only an interview. If it looks serious, then you may want to reach back to the hiring manager after the interview to give them a heads up (since it will come up in a reference check). And of course, do not go "off" about your supervisor regardless.
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