If I died and my husband receives survivor benefits, does he get to keep his social security too?


I am FERS. My husband is already retired and currently draws his own social security benefits. I am trying to figure if I should elect the survivor benefit for him when I retire. Thank you.

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Asked on February 1, 2019 8:41 pm
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There are a few considerations to electing a survivor benefit. 1) Is your spouse on your FEHB policy? If yes, then you must elect a survivor benefit for him to retain FEHB coverage should you pass away before him. If no survivor benefit is elected, then he can only be on your FEHB policy as long as you are living and will not be able to elect it at your death. 2) If you elect a survivor benefit under FERS, it will not impact his ability to draw the Social Security benefit he has earned based on his own work record. And 3) is the income he would receive needed to live? If your spouse only needs your FEHB and the income is not the main reason for electing a survivor benefit, you can elect a partial which reduces the cost to you to 5% of your pension and he will draw 25% of your unreduced annuity versus a full survivor benefit costing your 10% and he would receive 50% of your unreduced annuity.

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Answered on February 1, 2019 9:17 pm