Opportunity to buy back CSRS after divorce


Involved in a divorce, I have an opportunity to buy back my CSRS. I have been told to wait until after the divorce. I don’t understand how it matters. Soon to be ex was awarded 32% of FERS (papers due to be signed 8 Nov 18) I would think 32% is 32% regardless of when I buy back or retire. Will he only get 32% as of the date of divorce? or when I retire?

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Asked on October 31, 2018 3:06 pm
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This is a complicated question. If you have a CSRS component, you still retire under FERS, meaning your entire pension is considered a FERS pension, not part CSRS and part FERS. So, if you have an opportunity to make a deposit or redeposit to increase your FERS pension, the amount provided to your former spouse could be higher depending on how the court order acceptable for processing is written…meaning, if it says former spouse gets 32% of $X, then making the deposit/redeposit would not increase the former spouse portion, however, if it just says 32% and by making your deposit/redeposit your pension is increased, it could be 32% of new increased amount. And the second part of your question will be answered in your final document as it should state exactly how 32% of your pension is divided, either frozen as of the time of divorce or calculated at the time of retirement.

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Answered on October 31, 2018 10:00 pm