Retirement decades after being returned to earning capacity


My post is much too long to explain here, but I’ll try with a short version. Former postal worker under FERS. Disability retirement after 7 years employment. Returned to earning capacity 3 years later, so retirement discontinued. However, I didn’t go back into fed service. HR told me I would still have retirement available at retirement age, which is now 10 year out. How do I proceed?

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Asked on August 29, 2019 5:14 pm
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Only your federal service time will count for your retirement. Since you only have 7 years, you can collect a deferred retirement at age 62. There will be no FEHB or FEGLI available when you become eligible and the computation will be based on your service and high-3 at the time you left. The application used for deferred retirement under FERS is at the following link:

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Answered on August 29, 2019 5:33 pm

Thank you so much, Elaine!

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