Eligible for pension if took a buyout?

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I worked as a civilian aircraft mechanic from April 1981-Sept. 1993. The Naval Aviation Depot I worked at was closed in 1995 (B.R.A.C.). I took a $25,000 buyout offer. Am I still eligible for a retirement pension when I turn 62 or 65 ?

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Asked on March 29, 2019 9:21 pm


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If you are CSRS and left your CSRS retirement contributions in the retirement fund, you will be eligible for a deferred annuity at age 62. You do not get a larger benefit by waiting until age 65. If you took a refund of your retirement contributions when you left in 1993, then the only way to collect a pension is to return to a government job and redepost the refunded monies with interest.

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Answered on March 30, 2019 3:42 am